Thursday, 13 November 2014

Stop your Computer from taking default settings every time you restart or turn your Computer off

If you turn off your PC and turn it on again, you find that your windows desktop, browser, and programs are changed and the default settings are taking the place of your last work. Then this means your PC has a restore point which force it to return to its default every time you restart or turn off your PC.

So to remove the restore point, please follow the following steps:
  1. Right click on your "my computer" icon and choose Properties.
  2. Control Panel\System and Security\System\System protection
  3. Select System Protection tab
  4. Under Protection Settings
  5. Select your Drive that has "on" in the Protection column.
  6. Click on Configure.
  7. Under Restore Settings, Select "Disable System Protection".
  8. Click apply then OK.
  9. Doing the previous steps will turn your drive to be in "off" position instead off "on".
  10. Restart your PC.