Thursday, 30 October 2014

Web Conferencing Softwares - Part 1

AnyMeeting Software

AnyMeeting offers a full-featured web conferencing product designed and priced for small business, including a completely free ad-supported option.

It has a built in ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) which delivers voice communications and multimedia sessions over networks.

At the beginning of the meeting, you can choose your audio meeting from two available options, which are using your telephone or using your computer microphone.

You can join the meeting by phone, computer, or tablet. 

 AnyMeeting Features:
  1.  Conference call: provides a “conference call number” that allows joint partners calling each other by dealing the conference call number to hear the meeting audio. 
  2. Video sharing: up to “6” people can share their webcams at once. In addition, videos can be resized automatically to make best use of the meeting space. You also can share your YouTube video by clicking on the share button then select YouTube to play a YouTube video. 
  3.  Audio sharing: you can share your mic live on the internet with your partners. 
  4.  Screen sharing: allows you to share your screen and allows you to select an application to share from a list of different provided applications. 
  5.  Text sharing: you can write and chat with your partners by typing your message at the right-bottom from you software screen. It also gives you the opportunity to send your text to everyone or to the presenters. 
  6.  Presentation sharing: you can share your slides, power point presentation, and PDFs by clicking on the share button by uploading them into your meeting for everyone to see. 
  7.  Video recording: you can record your meeting and it will be stored directly at the AnyMeeting servers so that you can find it and access it from anywhere.
  8. Social media integration: you can use social media integration to automatically promote your meetings on Facebook and Twitter. Once enabled, AnyMeeting can send meeting announcements and updates to your feed.
You can use the free version but not all the features included or you can pay it monthly and surely the full features will be available.

You can visit AnyMeeting site by clicking here: