Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Variable Data Type Browse Button Problem in Eclipse BPEL

Do you face such a problem?

When you add data type to a variable under BPEL in eclipse Juno, and click on Browse button in figure1, Browse button doesn't work.


So to solve this, There are two ways: 

The first way: Edit "yourfilename.bpel" file in eclipse using text editor: 
 Right click on your bpel file under Project Explorer > open with > Text Editor

Open .bpel using text editor
Edit xxxx.bpel
 Adding the XMLShema under <bpel:process> element, Then define the type of you variables under <bpel:variables> element by writing type="ns1:yourtype" as follow:
add your xmlschema in the shown format

define your variable data type by refering to ns1 or ns2 as you need
Note: Refer to your defined XMLSchem in <bpel:process> as follow:
<bpel:process xmlns:ns1="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema> 
and in <bpel:variables> write before the type "ns1:" as a mark to its location in <bpel:process> as follow:
<bpel:variable name="iterator" type="ns1:int"></bpel:variable>

The second way: Install Eclipse Indigo, and it will work successfully without doing the above steps.

 I hope this Help :)